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Freedom Center Explores Implicit Bias

Nick Youngson/nyphotographic.com
Implicit bias is defined as the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner.

Do you hold unconscious attitudes and stereotypes that influence your actions? That's what the Harvard Implicit Association Test is meant to expose. 

Today on Cincinnati Edition we examine the test and an exhibit at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center meant to make visitors aware of implicit bias. "Open Your Mind: Understanding Implicit Bias" is on permanent display at the museum.

Here to discuss the exhibit and the Implicit Association Test is Ryan Wynett, manager of "Open Your Mind: Understanding Implicit Bias"; Vice Chair of the Diversity and Housing Initiative Committee for the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors Ellie Reiser; and Washington University in Saint Louis Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences Assistant Professor Dr. Calvin Lai.