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When A College Student Wants To Call It Quits
What to do if a student is unhappy with her first semester of college and wants to transfer or quit altogether.

Last August you sent your daughter or son off to college, everyone excited, and a bit nervous, about this next life experience. So what do you do when your student comes home for winter break and announces she is not going back to school next semester?

There are several reasons students become frustrated and unhappy during their first semester, from feeling homesick to not being able to manage the workload pressures. Sometimes it's a problem with just one class or professor. Or the college is nothing like the student imagined, and she realizes it's just not a good fit.

Joining us to discuss the considerations and steps to take when a student wants to switch schools, or quit altogether, are Thomas More CollegeDirector of the Institute for Learning Differences, Amy Osborne, and Director of Admissions, Justin Vogel; and Cincinnati State Technical and Community CollegeRegistrar Jason Moore.