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Strategies To Prevent College Sexual Assault

university of cincinnati
Courtesy University of Cincinnati

The first day of class for many local college students begins in late August. While students and parents are buying books and dorm supplies, there's one thing some families don't consider when preparing for college: a conversation about sexual assault. With more than 4,000 undergraduates enrolled at Xavier University and more than 30,000 at the University of Cincinnati, what are colleges doing to help educate students about sexual violence?

Local colleges aren't the only ones addressing the issue. The non-profit Women Helping Women has launched a training program to empower bartenders to intervene in cases where patrons are being harassed. Currently nine local bars have trained in the program called "It's On Us."

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss sexual assault prevention on campus and prevention efforts through the bar training program are Xavier University Title IX Officer Kate Lawson; University of Cincinnati Executive Director of Gender Equity and Inclusion and Title IX Coordinator Andrea Goldblum; and with Women Helping Women, CEO Kristin Shrimplin; and Prevention Specialist Maria Thaman Cole.

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