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How Miami Is Developing A Cybersecurity Major

Courtesy of Miami University
Miami University professors met with industry experts to discuss what needs to go into creating a cybersecurity major.

Cybersecurity and information professionals from across the business spectrum met with Miami University professors Monday. The school is gathering feedback for a proposed cybersecurity major.

"The feedback we got from industry experts is that they think we have something potentially very unique," says Bryan Marshall, chair of the political science department. "Certainly there's a demand for young hires and students to have a deep appreciation of cybersecurity and some of the issues, whether they be more technical or how cybersecurity impacts the business model and how cybersecurity impacts risk."

Miami is planning a multi-disciplinary approach, pulling educators from the College of Arts and Science, the College of Engineering and Computing, and the Farmer School of Business.

"We were really encouraged to hear about that space and the need for students to ... not necessarily have a super deep technical expertise - although that area is obviously still needed - but also the need for a workforce that can bring these different elements together," Marshall says.

The ability to communicate and having an understanding of how business works are two skills industry leaders say they're looking for in new hires. Miami met with experts in banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, IT and other areas.

Marshall says he's hopeful the major could be ready in about two years. Once a curriculum is in place, Miami may also consider adding a cybersecurity center.

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