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CPS Returns To Blended Learning Feb. 1, Staff To Get Vaccinated

Cincinnati Public Schools (screenshot from Jan. 16, 2021 meeting)
During a board work session on Jan. 16, it was determined that Cincinnati Public Schools will begin a phased-in approach to return to blended learning starting on Feb. 1.

Cincinnati Public Schools will use a phased-in approach to return to blended learning starting Feb. 1.

In December, it was determined the city of Cincinnati would need to average 40 new cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 people per day for blended learning to resume. As of Jan. 14, Cincinnati is averaging 66 new cases, much higher than what is desired. The decision to return to blended learning comes as COVID cases continue to rise in the city and across the county.

“I do feel the need to remind folks that we’re "purple" and things are worse than they’ve ever been and we have thrown every piece of criteria we have ever laid out out the window to have a discussion to speed up getting kids back,” Board Member Mike Moroski said.

CPS switched to distance learning in November due to staffing shortages caused by COVID-19. CPS plans to vaccinate staff members starting Feb. 1. This comes a little more than a week following Gov. Mike DeWine’s plan to vaccinate personnel for schools planning to return by March 1.

Since May 2020, more than 480 staff members and more than 310 students have tested positive for COVID-19. Only six transmissions of the virus have been reported within schools.

Below is a list of return plans for schools in the region:

Credit Cincinnati Public Schools (screenshot from Jan. 16, 2021 meeting)

Staff Vaccine Plans

Cincinnati Public Schools will begin vaccinating school personnel for COVID-19 starting Feb. 1.

The vaccine will not be mandatory, but it is highly recommended. Staff members will not have to pay for it.

Vaccines will be distributed at five locations: Sands, Shroder, Midway, Roberts, and Dater Montessori. Back-up locations include Aiken, Carson, Mt. Washington, Riverview East, and Woodward.

Certain staff members will receive the Moderna vaccine first, including custodians and specialized classroom teachers.

Employees will receive surveys to fill out. The survey will ask if they’re interested in receiving the vaccine, staff category, contact information, and preferred vaccine location. Employees will be notified by email to pre-register for the vaccine. The vaccine will be available on a first come, first serve basis based on staff category.

The distribution plan will take at least four weeks. Distributions will take place on Saturdays.

Here’s a list of who will receive the vaccine first:

Credit Cincinnati Public Schools (screenshot from Jan. 16, 2021 meeting)