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Ohio State Working With Anomaly Group To Teach Student Athletes Personal Brand Value

Rick Scuteri
Associated Press

Ohio State University is working with Columbus-based Anomaly Sports Group to give student athletes Name Image and Likeness protective education and consultation as the state as enacted legislation allowing athletes to be paid.

Anomaly’s curriculum for Ohio State student athletes will focus on intellectual property protections and financial management. Anomaly is an educational project of Porter Wright Morris & Arthur's SportsLaw Practice.

The workshops and mobile app will be a part of “THE Platform,” which Ohio State launched in May. The university created it to give student athletes custom approximations of their current brand value and roadmaps to maximize it. The Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute is managing the platform and its rollout.

The university is moving quickly after Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine's signed an executive order allowing student athletes to earn compensation from the use of their image and likeness Monday.

The order states at least 17 other states have passed laws allowing student athletes to profit from their likeness. The ability to allow Ohio State and other college athletes in Ohio is seen as a recruiting advantage.

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