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CPS Board says it will protect LGBTQ+ students despite State Board decision

Ambriehl Crutchfield

At Wednesday night's Board of Education meeting, every member of the Cincinnati Public School Board voted to pass a resolution to continue to protect the rights of gay and transgender students.

The resolution was in response to the passage of the Ohio State Board of Education's controversial resolution that supports bills in the Ohio Legislature that ban transgender students from playing girls' sports or using bathrooms not aligned with their gender assigned at birth.

The decision by the state board was in response to President Biden's proposed expansion of Title IX which would include protections for LGBTQ+ students under the law.

Members of Cincinnati's school board said what happens at the state level would not affect how gay and transgender students are treated in the district's schools.

"We pride ourselves that we are providing safe spaces for children, for all of our students, including our trans students," Board member Kareem Moncree-Moffett said. "I'm saddened that this has come on a state level, but I'm happy to support this along with my colleagues and ensuring that our schools are safe spaces."

While neither resolution from the state board nor the Cincinnati school board carry the weight of law, CPS board member Mike Moroski say they will continue to fight against discrimination in all of its forms no matter what happens at the state level.

"It is important for families to know that we're going to do whatever it takes to keep your kids safe and make them feel good at school and comfortable at school," Moroski said. "To hell with the state government."

Zack Carreon is Education reporter for WVXU, covering local school districts and higher education in the Tri-State area.