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A new Cincinnati Magazine article details the resurgence of pinball machines in our area


 Not so long ago, games with names like Theatre of Magic, Twilight Zone and Star Wars Trilogy ruled the day at arcades across the country. These pinball machines were played by many a person from the older generations as part of their misspent youth. With their flippers and small silver balls, they required great timing along with a healthy dose of hand-eye coordination; and you always got an audience if you were running up a great score. The pinball machine can trace its origins to the late 1800's. At one point, it was a multi-billion-dollar industry. But then came the first video games and pinball's popularity took a huge dive. Now, pinball is getting a new life in the Queen City. Bill Brohaugh writes about it in this month's Cincinnati Magazine in an article called Pinball Wizards. He and Mark Combs, who owns a pinball repair shop, are both huge fans of the game. They join us to talk about the history of pinball and the glorious resurrection it's experiencing.