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Invisibilia Season 3

During season 2, hosts Alix Spiegel, Lulu Miller and Hanna Rosin looked at terrorism in Denmark, a McDonald’s in Russia, and a grand social experiment in Rwanda. They went to a prison to explore whether our personalities are as stable and constant as we think; an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico to see if the culture of masculinity can shift; and a village in Belgium to test a radical way of treating mental illness.

Season 3 episodes (coming in June) will look at the nature of reality and our role in creating it. 

The stories speak to a central question of our time: how is it that people are looking out at the same landscape and seeing completely different things? Is this just a unique cultural situation, or is our polarization born of something more profound? Through illuminating science and compelling stories about hidden bias, social bubbles, emotional truth, our future selves, and living with wild bears, Invisibilia will explore to what extent we live in the same world, or a world that each of us constructs.