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The Toys That Made Us Creator Talks Season Two

Bill Rhinehart/WVXU
Kenner's first 12 Star Wars action figures came out in the spring of 1978. Shown here in a Cincinnati public library exhibit.

The Netflix series The Toys That Made Us returned with a second season on May 25 after a successful first season featuring some of history's most iconic toy franchises. From the breakout success of Cincinnati-based Kenner Toys' "Star Wars" line, the split-second decisions that launched "He-Man" and the beleaguered path of the "Star Trek" franchise, "The Toys That Made Us" examines the ups, downs and unexpected twists of one of childhood's most beloved pastimes.

Joining "Cincinnati Edition" to discuss "The Toys That Made Us" are Series Creator and Executive Producer Brian Volk-Weiss; former Senior Product Designer at Kenner Toys and Principal Conceptual Designer for Kenner's line of Star Wars toys Jim Swearingen; and son of Kenner co-founder and former Kenner manager Corky Steiner.