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Are Travel Agents Still Useful? Plus, The Benefits Of Traveling Solo

solo travel

How do you plan your trips abroad or your little weekend getaways out of town? The growing number of websites that allow you to bid on, compare, bundle and review a variety of offers has made modern travel as simple as a few key strokes. But the role of a travel agent is not a lost art.

Some travel writers believe these once ubiquitous experts are still quite useful in planning for a vacation. Additionally, have you ever traveled anywhere alone? Sure, it may seem like a lonely endeavor, but it could also be life-changing in all the right ways.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the evolving role of travel agents, as well as the benefit of traveling alone are Prestige Travel "travel experience collector" and agent Dave Hershberger, and Alexia Zigoris Leadership Coaching Executive Leadership coach – and solo traveler - Alexia Zigoris.

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