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Stay up to date with the latest in environmental news with WVXU—from global affairs like climate change to water quality in the Ohio River. Environmental issues are especially visible in our region, where power plant smokestacks and coal barges are familiar features of the landscape, where the hills surrounding the basin hold any smog and air pollution over the city, and the quality of our drinking water depends on what is being put into the river upstream. 91.7 brings you the details, context and analysis you need to engage with the conversation around the environment of the whole Ohio River Valley Region and the ecosystems that it contains, in Ohio, in Indiana and Northern Kentucky.

From the emergence of the 17-year cicadas, an outbreak of a mysterious disease afflicting songbirds in Jefferson, Boone and Kenton counties in Kentucky, to examining local energy and transportation policy in relation to efforts to mitigate climate change, WVXU's in-depth coverage includes contributions from scientists, experts and academics from the region's foremost institutions engaged in environmental research. Learn about changes to policy at ORSANCO—the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission—whose mission is keeping the source of our drinking water clean and free of toxic pollution. Find out more about local initiatives to improve ecosystems like Groundwork Ohio River Valley, a youth program aimed at promoting "environmental, economic, and social well-being" through projects like planting trees in lower Price Hill, and an unusual type of birdhouse to be built near Kent State.

Stay in the know about how developments in clean energy and climate change initiatives at the federal level will impact our region’s power infrastructure in the future and what we can do now to ensure that our grid remains both strong and sustainable.