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Metro takes a look at this quick charging electric bus

Metro is getting a first hand look at what manufacturers say is the fastest charging electric bus. Founder of Proterra Dale Hill says it can fully charge in about 10 minutes enabling the bus to go 40 miles. 

"People are much more aware of transit today. They want quiet. They want clean. They want comfort."

Hill says this zero-emissions bus costs about 900-thousand dollars. That's comparable to the cost of a diesel bus and its fuel. Metro's Sallie Hilvers says it would be a year or more before it could apply for federal grants to buy such a bus.

"So this is a technology that is a kind of forward thinking technology, one that Metro is a least exploring at this point. We haven't placed an order or anything of that nature. But it is something we are looking at to make sure it could be accommodating to our hills in Cincinnati, again something for the future to consider."

Soon Louisville will be getting a fleet of Proterra buses.