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UC Professors Talk About Their Documentary, "Intimate Realities Of Water"


As we have all seen with the recent problems uncovered in Flint, Michigan, it’s easy for most of us to take clean water for granted. Until we can’t easily get it. In many parts of the world, such as Nairobi, it’s a rare commodity. ?The" target="_blank">Intimate Realities of Water,? a documentary by University of Cincinnati professors, follows the lives of the people in two of Nairobi?'s slums, Kibera ?- the largest urban slum in the city and all of Africa -? and Dagoretti.

There, access to clean water and sanitation are lacking, and the struggle to get drinkable water shapes everyday life and is a transforming social force.

Joining us to talk about this documentary and the impact it'?s had are United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Co-Chair of Water Access and Sustainability, UC Professor and Co-Producer of the documentary, Dr.Adrian Parr; Co-Producer, Photojournalist and UC Assistant Professor of Journalism, Sean Hughes; and Photojournalist and UC Professor of Journalism, Jon Hughes.