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Mill Creek Alliance: Protecting The Watershed

Dr. Patricia O'Connor and Steve Johns arrive at the Mill Creek Alliance ceremony by canoe.

In 1996, the environmental group American Rivers included the Mill Creek on its list of America's Most Endangered Rivers. But thanks in large part to the efforts of two local organizations, last November the Mill Creek was removed from the most endangered list.

The two nonprofits have been working for more than 20 years to improve and protect the Mill Creek and its watershed. And now they have joined forces. Groundwork Cincinnati and the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities officially merged on March 2, to become the Mill Creek Alliance.

Joining us to discuss the merger and the importance of the Mill Creek watershed are Chair of the former Groundwork Cincinnati, Dr. Patricia O'Connor; Chair of the former Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities, Steve Johns; and Executive Director of the new Mill Creek Alliance, Dave Schmitt.