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The Right Way To Care For Your Trees
The right tree selection can add color, texture and value to your landscape.

Trees not only add beauty and texture to your landscape, they provide shade for your home, reduce soil erosion and improve air quality. But the emerald ash borer and Asian longhorn beetle, along with other pests and diseases plus several seasons of near-draught conditions, have taken their toll on thousands of trees in our region.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the proper selection, planting and care of trees in your yard and to answer your gardening questions are Kate Cook, who manages events, marketing and outreach for Carriage House Farm; Turner Farm Community Garden Manager Joshua Jones; and Madison Tree Care & Landscaping Vice President Jon Butcher.

Make note of Turner Farm's upcoming gardening programs, and see Carriage House Farm events as well. 

Tune in to Cincinnati Edition July 24 at 1 p.m. to hear this segment.