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How To Get Rid Of Weeds In Your Lawn Without Waging Chemical Warfare

Kids, birds and pollinators love them, but many homeowners wage a chemical battle to rid their lawns of dandelions.

Now that we are into the growing season the first thing most of us notice is just how well the weeds are doing in our yards and gardens. While some of us tackle the job of clearing dandelions, nut grass and clover by hand, others rely on chemicals to eliminate weeds. And many of them will go about it the wrong way, applying too much, too little or too often.

Man-made or natural, herbicides and pesticides can be dangerous to humans, pets and the environment if not used properly. And in many cases, there are alternative, less-harmful ways to cut down on weeds and reduce mosquitos, cutworms, Japanese beetles and other garden pests.

The next thing that becomes noticeable this time of year are the trees that have either completely died or are in need of pruning to remove dead branches. The severe storms we've had already this year have shown how dangerous dead or stressed trees can be to both life and property.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss various methods to control weeds and pests, the correct way to use garden chemicals and the proper way to care for trees showing signs of damage are Turner Farm Community Garden Manager Joshua Jones; Madison Tree Care & Landscaping Vice President Jon Butcher; and Boone County Cooperative Extension Horticulture Extension Agent David Koester.

Make note of Turner Farm's upcoming gardening programs, as well as Boone County Extension program information.

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