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Thoughts Turn To Spring Gardens As Winter's Snow Loses Its Magic

snow plow
Bill Rinehart
A snow plow rolls down Ezzard Charles during a late winter storm in February 2021.

The recent winter storm blanketed the Cincinnati region in a layer of thick snow and ice, creating dangerous conditions on our roadways and keeping many of us home (which, perhaps, we've grown used to over the past year). It may have also provoked a certain longing for spring.

While the year's first big snow is always somewhat romantic, with its sled-riding, snowman-building, and picture-perfect scene-creating, it also reminds us that winter can be brutal and long. But all things end, even a Cincinnati winter, and we are now less than a month away from the official start of spring. That means peak gardening season is just around the corner!

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Joining Cincinnati Edition are Campbell County Extension Office Agent Sarah Stolz and Boone County Extension Office Agent David Koester.

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