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On Tuesday, you have a chance to talk to city officials about climate change

Bill Rinehart

Cincinnatians can talk to city officials about climate change at a public meeting in Bond Hill Tuesday night.

A panel of experts will answer questions in the special meeting of Council's Climate, Environment and Infrastructure Committee. Chair Meeka Owens says she wants to find residents who aren't usually involved and bring them to the table.

"Get them excited and aware of the things that they can take into their own power, to leave with empowerment," Owens said. "And my goal is that people will walk away from these conversations being the leaders of this conversation, rather than the people in the background."

A recent report from UC shows climate change will have more severe affects in certain Cincinnati neighborhoods. Predominantly Black neighborhoods typically experience hotter temperatures than other parts of the city, party because of fewer green areas.

"Come with questions, come with ideas, come with the expectation that your voice matters," Owens said. "As we are elevating the Green Cincinnati Plan, a big part of that is community engagement and input. So we will have surveys on hand for people to provide their solutions and their thoughts and ideas."

The Green Cincinnati Plan survey is also available online.

The public meeting starts at 6 p.m. at the Bond Hill Recreation Center.

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