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We are talking about the importance of proper, quality dog training



Cincinnati City Council passed a new law last week that imposes tougher fines on owners of dogs that bite or otherwise seriously harm someone. The new city ordinance, and surrounding debate, highlights the need for owners to learn how to properly train and control their dogs. And most animal experts agree, training strengthens the bond between a dog and owner and makes for a happier relationship. We asked local certified trainers to join us to discuss the importance and value of proper dog training. With us are Darah Williams, owner of Underdog K-9 Academy; Melissa Bussey, co-owner of Training Tracks; Nick Hof, owner of Paws Look Listen; and Dae Grodin with Dog-Abilities.

For more information on dog training, you can visit the Karen Pryor Academy or ASPCA websites; or you may be interested in a phone app that could help you better understand your dog,