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Financial advisor Chris DeSimio provides his insight into the financial world.

The Challenges Of Building And Maintaining A Good Credit Rating And Why It's Important

The earliest financial advice most of us get, right along with saving money, is to try and establish good credit. But that involves a great deal more than using credit cards to make your purchases. And sadly, many people are not able to manage their credit properly and can fall deeply into debt. Joining us to discuss building and protecting your credit rating, and what to consider if you reach that point when you feel declaring bankruptcy is your only option to get out from under your debt, are Dave Johnson, certified credit counselor with the non-profit credit counseling service Apprisen; and, local investment advisor Chris DeSimio.

For more information on credit ratings and counseling services, go to: National Foundation for Credit Counseling; Experian; Equifax ; or Transunion.