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As Schools Reopen, Are Your Kids More Than Just Nervous?

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It?'s normal for kids to experience some anxiety, such as before the first day of school or a big test. 

However, if it goes beyond the usual jitters and becomes persistent and problematic, the child may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Whether it?'s everyday worries or something more serious, there are ways parents can help the child feel more at ease.

Here to talk about anxiety in children are Pediatric Psychologist at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Katherine Junger, and Pediatric Psychologist and Researcher in Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and Assistant Professor at the UC Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Natoshia Cunningham.

Here's Dr. Junger's recommended list of books, apps and websites:

Workbooks for youth:

What to do when you worry too much by Dawn Heubner and Bonnie Matthews

What to do when you brain gets stuck by Dawn Huebner and Bonnie Matthews

Books for parents:

Helping your anxious child: A step-by-step guide for parents by Ronald Rapee, PhD and Ann Wignall, PsyD


Breathe, Plan, Do

My Calm Beat


Sleep Pillow


*there are also many apps and online programs that parents and children can use to learn deep breathing, guided imagery, and progressive muscle relaxation




Additional sites (from Dr. Cunningham):

  1.  Association of Behavior and Cognitive Therapies:  http://www.abct.org/
  1.  Anxiety and Depression Association of America:  https://www.adaa.org/