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Addicted To Devices: How Screen Time Is Impacting Your Kids

Even some industry experts are asking tech firms to do more to fight smartphone addiction among children.

An increasing number of medical researchers, educators and tech professionals are issuing warnings about the amount of time children and teens spend on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Evidence points to a link between excessive use of such devices and disrupted sleep, depression, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and low self-esteem among children and teens. Are some kids addicted to their smartphones?

Joining us to discuss managing screen time for kids are, from the University of Cincinnati Arlitt Child & Family Research & Education Center, Director of Children's Programs, Mary Elizabeth Wright and Early Childhood Teacher Education Specialist, Jennifer Horwitz; Executive Director of Camp Ernst, Elizabeth (Eli) Cochran; and Michael Mercier, president of Screen Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to mitigating the negative consequences of screen addiction through research and education.