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Staying Healthy During Cold & Flu Season

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Our area is being ravaged by the flu, stomach viruses, stubborn colds and more. While it’s bad for adults, it’s even worse for babies who can’t express what’s wrong and you aren’t sure what’s safe to give them. With some practical suggestions, Mark Perzel welcomes Dr. Laura Feder, author of Natural Baby and Childcare: Practical Medical Advice and Holistic Wisdom for Raising Healthy Children.

Here are some of Dr. Feder's recommendations for optimum health during cold and flu season:

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Dress warmly in layers and cover the feet and head.
  • Drink warm, healthy fluids, avoid cold drinks.
  • Avoid protein, sweets, dairy and especially junk food.
  • Garlic is an antibacterial - eat plenty of it.
  • Wash hands frequently to minimize spread of germs.
  • Take natural flu medicines, like Oscillo, at the first sign of symptoms.
  • Avoid swimming.
  • Use Vitamin C to strengthen the immune system.
  • Bring out the hot water bottle for aches, chills and general comfort.
  • Apply a lemon compress for fever.