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Health Foundation gets new name

Credit Interact for Health / Provided

The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati is now Interact for Health.

President Jim Schwab says the new name embodies its shift to a health promotion strategy.

"We will focus on primarily four health promotion priority areas," he says. "They are healthy eating, active living, mental and emotional wellbeing, and healthy choices about substance use."

Schwab says the group will maintain its support of the community’s healthcare safety net.

Interact for Health says:

Interact for Health announced in April it would shift its focus from access to healthcare to health promotion. Because the Affordable Care Act is enhancing access to care, Interact for Health sees an opportunity to reframe its strategy and address health behaviors in a comprehensive, proactive way. Nationally, research shows that 50 percent of a person’s overall health is determined by behavior and personal decisions, but less than 4 percent of health expenditures focus on promoting healthy behaviors[1].

[1] NEHI, Healthy People in a Healthy Economy: A Blueprint for Action in Massachusetts,  June 30, 2009