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Circus Mojo in Ludlow trains clowns to help hospitalized children and their families

  There is a known healing power to laughter and humor, and when it comes to easing the anxiety of hospital patients, especially children and their families, medical clowns don?'t fool around. Trained to understand a patient'?s behavior and the setting in which they are working, medical clowns can connect with patients and their loved ones, and bring some brightness and joy to a stressful situation. Circus Mojo is a youth and adult circus arts school in Ludlow that offers certification in medical clowning. Former Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey clown Paul Miller founded and runs Circus Mojo, and he along with Circus Mojo artists Sharon Alvarez Miller and Manuel Garcia  join  us to explain the concept of medical clowning and talk about the programs offered at the clown academy. Cicus Mojo's medical clowning program is supported in part by the Cooperative Society at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.