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The Importance Of Spacing Pregnancies Is The Focus Of A New Cradle Cincinnati Campaign


In Hamilton County, nearly one in five pregnancies is spaced less than one year apart. But the amount of time between a woman?'s pregnancies has a dramatic impact on infant vitality. A pregnancy conceived less than 12 months after a previous pregnancy is nearly twice as likely to result in preterm birth. A pregnancy conceived less than six months after a previous pregnancy is nearly three times as likely to result in an infant death.

An ad campaign recently released by the Cradle Cincinnati Partnership is designed to educate women about the importance of spacing pregnancies.

Joining us to discuss how planning and proper spacing pregnancies reduces the risks of preterm births and increases infant vitality are Director of the Center for Prevention of Preterm Birth and Co-Director of the Perinatal Institute at Cincinnati Children'?s Medical Center, Dr. Lou Muglia; Cradle Cincinnati Associate Director and Spacing Project Lead, Beth McNeill; and Cradle Cincinnati Executive Director Ryan Adcock