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Gathering Oral Histories From People Dealing With Schizophrenia
The National Institute of Mental Health says about seven or eight individuals out of 1,000 will have schizophrenia in their lifetime.

Imagine trying to deal with a disease that can cause you to hear voices in your head, that disrupts your thinking and ability to function. That's what people with schizophrenia face on a daily basis. The mental illness afflicts more than 2 million adults in the United States.

There's a local project underway to help shed light on this often misunderstood disease and the people who suffer from it. Joining us to talk about the Schizophrenia Oral History Project are co-founders Dr. Tracy McDonough, associate professor of psychology at Mount St. Joseph University; Dr. Lynda Crane, professor emeritus at Mount St. Joseph; and Mount St. Joseph psychology student Rachel Jackson, who's involved in the project.

If you would like to participate in an oral history project about people who have struggled with schizophrenia, you can call 513-244-4210 or email

Tracy McDonough will be one of the presenters at The Cincinnati Enquirer's Story Tellers Series on May 4, for information click here