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The Realities Of Treating Pregnant Women Struggling With Addiction



Drug or alcohol use by a woman during pregnancy can harm the unborn baby and pose serious health risks for the newborn. Although many pregnant women fear the repercussions of having their drug or alcohol use exposed, recovering from substance abuse is much safer than giving birth while actively addicted.

Joining us to discuss treating pregnant women struggling with addiction and their newborns are First Step Home Medical Director and Medical Director of the HOPE (Helping Opiate addicted Pregnant women Evolve) program at Good Samaritan Hospital, Dr. Michael Marcotte, a maternal fetal medicine specialist with Tri-State Maternal-Fetal Medicine Associates; First Step Home Maternal Services Coordinator Jeane Cole; and President and CEO of First Step Home, Margo Spence.

First Step Home's Rose Award Gala takes place this Saturday, May 14, at the Cincinnati Women's Club. For more information, click here