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Protecting Yourself From The Zika Virus & Other Travel Concerns, available for use


The 2016 Summer Olympic Games commenced in Rio de Janeiro, Brazillast Friday. The excitement for the games has been tempered by concerns over the Zika virus; with 166,000 suspected and confirmed cases of the mosquito-borne virus, the country is facing a Zika epidemic. 

Travelers to Rio have been warned to take precautions while there and when they return home. And now that mosquito-spread cases of Zika have been confirmed in the Miami, Florida area, travelers there must now also take precautions. 

Here to talk about how to protect yourself against the Zika virus and discuss other travel health and safety tips are Steve Divine, Director of Environmental Health and Safety with the Northern Kentucky Health Department, and St. Elizabeth Healthcare Travel Health Experts, Dr. Patrick Kunkler and Stacie Begley, RN.