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Outpatient Treatment Options For Former Inmates

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Note: This program originally aired August 4, 2016.

U.S. state prisons and county jails have as many as 10 times more seriously mentally ill inmates than state psychiatric hospitals. 

While sometimes lacking, there are mental health services available to inmates while they are incarcerated. However, after their release, many of these mentally ill prisoners are rearrested, so it is imperative that the services continue after their time in jail and when they are on probation.

Here to talk about outpatient mental health services available for those who were released from prison or are on probation are licensed independent social worker and Treatment Director for Court Clinic through Central Clinic, Eleanor Maley; Recovery Coach with the Alternative Interventions for Women Program at Court Clinic through Central Clinic, Donna Wynn; and Program Manager for Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services Felony Mental Health Court, Fred Baxter.