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The Many Health Benefits Of Music And Dance Therapies, available for use

Music and dance can be powerful, promoting a sense of wellness, bringing joy and healing, and uniting people. Music and dance therapies are research-based health practices that can improve an individual's physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs. 

Music and dance can aid in physical rehabilitation, increase a person's motivation to be engaged in treatment, provide emotional support and be an outlet for expression.

Here to talk about music and dance therapy are CEO of Global Music and Wellness, Arlene DeSilva; Board Certified Music Therapist with Music Therapy Care LLC, Shonda Malik; Vice President of Medical Affairs for Mercy Health Anderson, Dr. Stephen Feagins; and Yasmin Radzi, a research associate at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and a dancer who has studied dance therapy.

The Fifth Annual Music & Medicine Conference takes place Friday, October 7. The registration deadline is September 28. For more information and registration, click here