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UC Conducting A Clinical Trial On A New Drug To Protect Individuals From HIV Infection

Dr. Carl Fichtenbaum (left) and Jaasiel Chapman are testing the effectiveness of a new drug to prevent HIV infection at the University of Cincinnati.

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati are conducting a clinical trial to determine if a new drug, cabotegravir (CAB), is a safe and effective method of protection from HIV. The UC clinical trial is part of a study being done by the HIV Prevention Trials Network.

Joining us to discuss the UC clinical trial and HIV/Aids prevention in our region are Dr. Carl Fichtenbaum, professor of clinical medicine with the University of Cincinnati Infectious Diseases Center and principal investigator of the AIDS Clinical Trials Unit at UC; and Jaasiel Chapman, Clinical Research Community educator for UC College of Medicine Infectious Diseases Research.

If you would like information about enrolling in the UC trial, contact Jaasiel Chapman at or call 513-584-6279. For more information about HIV and Aids, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the Black Treatment Advocates Network.