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Council to learn about plans to redesign Main Street and Findlay Market for pedestrians

A rendering of Main Street showing people sitting and walking in the street where cars are not allowed
Devou Good Foundation
A conceptual rendering of a more pedestrian-centric design for Cincinnati's Main Street.

You can learn more about plans to make parts of Cincinnati more pedestrian friendly at a public meeting Tuesday night. The Devou Good Foundation will present ideas for slowing down traffic near Findlay Market and on Main Street between Liberty and Central Parkway.

“We know that speed of vehicles is the one number one indicator of injuries and deaths for people that are walking or on wheels,” said President Matt Butler. “Basically what we look to do is, how can we slow drivers in these critical areas where they are most likely to encounter people walking, or people on bikes or in wheelchairs?”

Butler says the city’s Department of Transportation and Engineering has already approved much of their plan for the Findlay Market area. That includes extending some curbs at intersections to shorten crosswalk distance and painting some murals on the street.

The plan for Main Street is just conceptual right now —the first step in a conversation about what Main Street could be.

“And we think it could be like really this beautiful vibrant area where people really want to come there because it's this destination that's not available anywhere else in the Cincinnati area,” he said.

Butler says they’ve already incorporated some early feedback from residents into the plans.

“There’s been a lot of positive feedback on social media, but of course we want to make sure that we reach as many people as possible,” he said.

The presentation is set for council’s Healthy Neighborhoods Committee meeting on Tuesday night. You can join at the Over-the-Rhine Recreation Center starting at 5:30.

A aerial view of the streets near Findlay Market showing close-up renderings of curb extensions and street murals at three intersections.
Devou Good Foundation
A rendering of curb extensions and street murals planned for the area around Findlay Market.

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