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More Details About The Archeological Dig At Clermont County's Parker Academy

Bill Rinehart/WVXU

Parker Academy once stood as a fully integrated schoolhouse in Clermont County in the 19th century, founded by abolitionist James Parker. A team of NKU students and professors went on an archeological dig at the site of the school. Joining us to discuss how the dig came about, what they found, and what their future plans hold are Dr. William Landon, chair of NKU's History and Geography Department; Dr. Sharyn Jones, chair of the Sociology, Anthropology and Philosophy Department; and Dr. Brian Hackett, director of the Master of Arts in Public History Program.

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NKU students digging in the foundation at Parker Academy

WVXU's Bill Rinehart covered the Parker Academy story for us - to hear his stories,click here.