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Revitalizing The Visitor's Center At The Historic Big Bone Lick Historic Site In Kentucky


Since its discovery in 1739, Big Bone Lick in Boone County has drawn the attention of naturalists and paleontologists from around the world. The first organized paleontological excavation in North America was conducted there in 1807. The Cincinnati Museum Center, the Friends of Big Bone and the Big Bone Lick Historic Site are currently working to revitalize the park?'s visitor center, to better tell the story of the birthplace of American paleontology, located just 25 miles from Downtown Cincinnati. Joining us from the Cincinnati Museum Center to discuss the revitalization project and the significance of the Big Bone Lick State Historical Site are paleontologist Dr. Brenda Hunda, curator of Invertebrate Paleontology;  Sarah Lima, exhibits business development manager; and, Big Bone Lick Park  interpreter, Ossana Wolf.