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Ambassador Gordon Gray On The Vital Role Of U.S. Diplomats

Gordon Gray recently retired from the U.S. government after 35 years of public service.

Gordon Gray has held many foreign assignments during his career with the U.S. government, including serving as Ambassador to Tunisia from 2009 - 2012. While there, he witnessed the start of the Arab Spring and directed the U.S. response to support Tunisia’s transition. His other assignments have included Iraq, Egypt, Canada, Jordan, Pakistan and Morocco, where he began his government career as a Peace Corps volunteer. Before retiring from public service, he was Deputy Commandant of the National War College. Today, he’s the Executive Vice President at the National U.S. - Arab Chamber of Commerce.

Gordon Gray will be speaking at an event sponsored by the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Councilthis evening, along with a showing of the film “America’s Diplomats.”  And he joins us this afternoon to discuss his career and U.S. diplomats in the Foreign Service.

For more information about tonight’s Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council event, click here.