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Too many or too few lawyers depends on where you live - how law schools are addressing this

  You'?ve probably heard the saying, ?"Nobody likes a lawyer, until they need one.?" Joke writers and comics like to say there are too many lawyers, and in some cities in the United States, that is now the case. But in many parts of the country, people in need of a lawyer can'?t find one. This imbalance is causing legal system delays in some areas, while making it difficult for lawyers to find work in others. Joining us to discuss this problem and how law schools are addressing it are Mina Jefferson, assistant dean and director of the Center for Professional Development at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, and Jeffrey Standen, dean and professor of Law at NKU Chase College of Law. One program, designed  by NKU Chase College of Law, to help find and place lawyers in needed areas in Kentucky, is the Rural Practice Initiative.

Additional resource: American Bar Association

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