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Building a bigger YP population in Cincinnati; Bold Fusion

Cincinnati continues to grow its young professional population. Part of that comes from an annual event targeted to that group.

Bold Fusion, the region's largest gathering of young professionals, is a time to connect, discuss and learn. Efforts like this are being credited with attracting and retaining what the Cincinnati Chamber considers as a very important segment of the population. Natalie Nichols was at the Music Hall event. She moved here from Columbus because of the great web start up culture.

"We are here to, you know, pound it into everyone's heads how great Cincinnati is for young professionals to move here, to stay here and make a life here."

She was part of a tweet-up team during Bold Fusion. Michael Bergman attended. He owns a start-up that provides on-line profiles for individuals.

"Now is such a great time to be in Cincinnati and get things off the ground here. There's a lot of energy around the city and lots of people willing to get new things going here. So I've really enjoyed coming back here. It's been about five years now."

Bergman's not alone. The Chamber says young professionals are coming back, learning they have a voice in social and civic issues.