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Cincinnati is next stop in Anna Louise Inn decision

Both the Anna Louise Inn and the company suing it are claiming victory in an appeals court ruling Friday.

The First District Court of Appeals, in a 29-page ruling, has sent the case back to Cincinnati's Zoning Board. It's expected to decide whether the 104-year-old Anna Louise Inn can begin renovating 85 apartments. Western and Southern sued, wanting to buy the building, move the residents and redevelop the land. Anna Louise Inn owner, Cincinnati Union Bethel, says the court decision is favorable.

CEO Steve MacConnell says, "You know, it keeps us on track of where we want to go toward the renovation, so while the decision is lengthy and complicated, that's really what it comes down to, it keeps us on track in a favorable way toward our renovation."

MacConnell says whenever the Anna Louise Inn case has come before the zoning board, it's been successful.

Western and Southern says it looks forward to presenting the case again before the city. The company says the case is significant for existing and future residents of Downtown, property owners, and for people who want zoning laws respected and followed.