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Communities mark one year since tornado hit


It's another sign of the recovery and rebuilding that's been going on since a large tornado ripped through communities in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky about a year ago.  The Moscow, Ohio Post Office is officially reopening for business at 8 a.m. Thursday.

"Back in March, destructive high winds knocked out most of the village and devastated the Post Office building, ripped the roof right off of it," said U.S. Postal Service regional spokesman David Van Allen.  "We did have to shut it down, obviously, and we gave the community service through the neighboring township service building."

Van Allen said the original building couldn't be salvaged, so the new one is located at 30 Wells Street.  It's connected to the River Valley Community Center.

The Peach Grove community in Northern Kentucky was also struck by the twister.   Pendleton County Emergency Management says 200 homes were affected with nearly 150 of them sustaining major damage or destroyed altogether. 

Residents and first responders will hold an event Saturday to celebrate the recovery and rebuilding that's occurred in the past year.   It's being held at noon at the Plum Creek Christian Church, 961 Nagel Drive in Butler, Kentucky.