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Task force could soon start reviewing city charter

Jay Hanselman

A task force could soon be reviewing Cincinnati's city charter and coming up with recommendations to bring it up to date.  Council's Rules and Audit Committee approved the study Tuesday.  

Chairman Kevin Flynn said the action is long overdue.

“We always have approached the charter piece meal rather than comprehensively, so I think it is something will be good,” Flynn said.

Flynn said he expects the task force to have about 20 members.  Some of the non-controversial charter changes could appear on the November ballot... other issues could take longer to resolve.  City voters have the final say on whether the document is updated.

Council Member Wendell Young also said he likes the review.

“I hope that one of the recommendations that comes out of your task force is a standard amount of time, which we will automatically review the charter so that we don’t run into this issue anymore,” Young said.

If the full Council approves the plan, the task force could begin its review in February.