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It's finally warm but winter driving is topic of convention in Cincinnati this week

Mark Heyne

The weather has finally turned warmer but snow and ice will be lead topics for convention-goers in Cincinnati this week.

The North American Snow Conference is being held here May 4-7.

Past president of the American Public Works Association Diane Watkins says 2,000-2,500 people, a record high, are participating. She says best practices for snow and ice clearing are at the top of the agenda.

"A lot more agencies are looking at including liquids in their snow and ice control programs," says Watkins. "This last year's salt shortages have really gotten peoples attention on maybe they need to start adding more liquids and different types of chemicals to their winter arsenals. There's a lot of new chemicals out there and standby chemicals that people will be looking at."

Watkins says chemicals and equipment have advanced a lot in the last 10 years. She cites Farmington Hills, MI as a leader in the field and says many people are trying to learn from them.

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