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Baby giraffe makes Zoo debut

The Cincinnati Zoo's newest giraffe made her public debut Thursday. Nasha roamed the yard with mother, Tessa; sister, Lulu; and two other female giraffes.

There are five giraffe species. The ones here are Maasai Giraffe.

Once Nasha is weaned and matured she'll be considered for breeding programs at other zoos. Lulu will be moved to The Wilds in southeastern Ohio this fall.

Director of Animal Collections Bob Lessnau says the giraffe enclosure has been modified to ensure the baby's safety. In 2011, Tessa's first calf, Zuri, broke her leg and was eventually euthanized at three months old. The year before, a three-year-old female named Akilah died of cardiovascular collapse after her ossicones, or horns, became tangled in netting surrounding trees in the enclosure.

This is prime viewing season for Zoo Babies. Check out some of the other newest arrivals in the slideshow above.

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