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Catholic teacher contract won't be changed

There won’t be any changes to the Cincinnati Archdiocese teacher contract that has come under fire in recent weeks from groups who say it is anti-gay.

The contract now includes a clause prohibiting employees from publicly supporting causes that run counter to Catholic teachings.

Superintendent Jim Rigg says the Archdiocese is standing by the contract and reiterates that it isn’t laying out any new stipulations for employees but rather clarifying expectations that have always been included.

"I've talked to many, many teachers who have somebody in their families or amongst their circle of friends who is gay, and there's no conflict between loving somebody who is homosexual and signing one of our teacher/administer contracts" says Rigg. "What our teacher/administer contract simply asks our teachers to do is to make certain that they don't represent teachings that contradict the Church in their work with our children or in their public witness."

Based on his conversations with school leaders and teachers, Rigg says the contract hasn’t been an issue for the vast majority of schools. He says he’s aware of fewer than a half dozen people who’ve informed their principals they won’t sign the contract.

The Cincinnati Archdiocese covers 19 counties and includes 113 Catholic primary and secondary schools (94 of which are owned by the Archdiocese or by parishes under the Cincinnati Archdiocese). In terms of enrollment, it is the sixth largest network of Catholic schools in the country.

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