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Cradle Cincinnati gets bigger budget & new partners

On its first birthday, Cradle Cincinnati is announcing a major increase to its budget. The group which aims to reduce infant mortality is seeing its budget go from $250,000 to almost $1.3 million.

Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune calls the change a good start.

"Now that's not where we need to be because this issue requires a broad, community-wide effort," says Portune. "It's going to take more from all of us and beyond the medical community but we will get there because success is the only word that we will accept."

Cradle Cincinnati is also celebrating expanded partnerships and outlining a three-point plan for reducing the rate at which babies die before their first birthdays.

  1. Public health messaging campaigns encouraging behavior change that can improve outcomes for families.
  2. Improvements to our prenatal care and hospital systems that will spread best practices and get women to care sooner.
  3. Community driven strategies that will engage citizens in neighborhoods with particularly high rates.