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Ohio EPA Director tours Greater Cincinnati Water Works

Greater Cincinnati Water Works is getting a pat on the back from the head of the Ohio EPA.

During a tour of the Richard Miller Treatment Plant, EPA Director Craig Butler lauded the facility's work and quick response to emergencies like the recent fuel spill on the Ohio River.

"They've thought far enough ahead that they can think of contingencies," said Butler, "and how, if a problem were to arise, that they're able to help supply the residents of Cincinnati and others in their area with water for a significant period of time until either conditions are such that they can bring the pumps back online, or if they had a problem that they could get it fixed. So they wouldn't be in jeopardy of not being able to supply residents with water."

During the tour, Butler took in the newest part of the facility. Last October, Water Works became the first in North America to add UV disinfection to its treatment process.

Fun Fact Alert!

Credit Tana Weingartner / WVXU
One of two ponds at California Golf Course from which 60,000 lost golf balls were pulled.

Butler's tour included a stop at the California Golf Course on Kellogg Ave where Water Works maintains two settling reservoirs. There he learned the last time they were drained, workers collected 60,000 lost golf balls. The  contractor who cleaned the reservoir bought the balls for $.25/piece, cleaned them and sold them off to driving ranges at a higher price.

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