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Hunter jury returns one verdict, will resume deliberations next week

Ann Thompson

The jury in the trial of Judge Tracie Hunter has a verdict on one count but will come back next week to continue deliberations on the other counts.

Jurors returned a verdict Friday afternoon on count six: unlawful interest in a public contract. Judge Norbert Nadel sealed the decision and it will be read once the jury decides the other counts.

"You have decided count six," he admonished the jury. "But I'm asking you not to reveal {it} to anybody. We have sealed that... so you are not to disclose to anybody what that verdict is. We have entered that verdict on count six; it is a done deal."

The jury has questions about some of the other counts. Nadel says the court will take those up Tuesday  beginning at 9:15 a.m.

The jury began deliberations Wednesday.