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'Kapturing' recordable moments

Have you ever  thought "I wish I had recorded that?" Kapture, a Cincinnati start-up company, has apparently solved that problem with an audio recording wristband.

Users, without breaking eye-contact, simply double tap to record the previous sixty seconds and with Bluetooth it goes to your smartphone and saves in a Kapture app where you can edit and post to Facebook, Twitter, email or text later.

The product begins shipping in January, but already is getting national attention. On December 9 it was the first item up for bid on the Price is Right.

Watch the show here.

Co-founders Mike Sarow and Matthew Dooley see the following people using it:

  • Friends and family
  • Parents and young children
  • Creative thinkers with ideas who can't write it or type it at the moment
  • The blind (one seeing impaired person called it "his digital camera")

What about the legal and privacy issues?

The founders say in 2-party consent states you have to tell people you are recording and get their permission before posting. Dooley also says it might be smart to tell everyone what you are doing. "We're encouraging people to be very proactive about what's happening so that nobody's second guessing what you're up to."

Sarow says it's not a gotcha device. "If you're looking to get somebody...I'm going to catch you saying something ridiculous and ruin your reputation, there's a much better way to do that than Kapture and why would you wear a bright orange wristband to pull that off?"

Kapture does have an off button if the person you are with is not comfortable. Reaction from Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site, over a 30-day period, was very positive and resulted in 1200 orders. The wristband and 'klip' on ships out in January.