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Cincinnati employees getting raises; but not all of them


Cincinnati's improving financial health has meant some city workers are starting to see bigger paychecks.

So far five of the six labor unions have negotiated small cost of living adjustments for their members.  But there are about 440 city employees who are still waiting.  

Council Member Yvette Simpson addressed the issue during a meeting last week.

“There are unrepresented employees, who don’t have a union representing them, not all of them are directors, and not all of them are making a lot of money,” Simpson said.  “And we leave them out every year in this conversation, every single year.”

Council Member Amy Murray seems to share that concern.

“I know that this was the first year we were able to balance our budget, and so I’m glad that we’re able to add this on top of that,” Murray said.  “One area I worry about are our non-represented employees also, and we don’t want them to be left out.  I’m not suggesting anything today, but I think it’s something we should be looking at also.”

Cincinnati has about 4,900 full-time employees, and all but about 440 of them are represented by a labor union.  

Council could consider raises for non-represented workers during budget negotiations in May and June.